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A Mind in the Present - a poem by a guest

After leaving the Mastering Me Retreat Lesley wrote this beautiful poem which she sent to us. 

More words from Lesley that should be in public. They inspired me so thought I would share them with you too.

A lady looking at the moon on a hill

The study of a mind

Is an inside job,

the cogs the wheels

the synapses the reels,

they play a picture

of past and future,

wounds play a part 

they're in need of a suture,

to bring the pieces together

to make it into the present,

to sit under the moon 

that's a beautiful crescent,

Just like the moon 

that waxes and wanes,

the mind feels uneasy

and often it strains,

to see the value

In the here and now,

to be present

Under the crescent

of the moon,

So let's take that vow,

It's all we have...

A mind in the present.

Staying in the present 💪🏻🙏


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