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Terms and Conditions for Retreat Participants

(venue hire is different)

All courses are staffed by appropriately qualified instructors and coaches. Where relevant, staff to participant ratios are in accordance with the National Governing Body guidelines. 

1. Care and Respect
1.1 If anyone is inexcusably disrespectful towards other participants, the property or members of the public they will be asked to leave and will not be refunded.
1.2 You will be asked to quieten down if you are making too much noise at the property.
1.3 If you break something you must tell us immediately so we can rectify it. If caused by negligence, carelessness or malicious acts it must be paid for at the time at current replacement value.

2. Health and Safety Considerations
2.1 Anyone with a medical condition must seek medical advice before considering participating in an activity.
2.2 For the water based activities, all participants must be able to swim 25m and be confident swimming in open water.
2.3 You are strongly recommended not to wear spectacles of any kind as they can be a hazard to yourself whilst participating in an activity. If you choose to wear spectacles you must accept that injury may occur and accept responsibility for any such injury or loss of spectacles. Participants may wear contact lenses but bringing spares or having the ability to rinse them is recommended.
2.4  Any of the instructors and coaches reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
2.5 We may require any participant to leave the course if that person acts in any such manner as to endanger themselves and others.

3. Age limits and other restrictions 
You’re confirming you are over 18 upon arrival to site - if you are not you will be asked to leave and no refund issued.

4. Photographs & Video
During your stay we may record photos and/or video that are used in our marketing and social media. If you DO NOT wish for your image to be recorded then please inform your instructor / leader / coach before commencement.

5. Insurance
5.1 All participants must be aware of and accept the risks associated with the activities provided. The providers carry £5 million public liability insurance. Details are available on request. 
5.2 Participants are strongly advised to arrange their own personal holiday insurance to cover cancellation and personal injury.
5.3 Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat is under no liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to property, however caused, whilst on a course organised by us.
5.4 If you attend any activity such as wild swimming, walking or making a fire out of the training hours of 9.30-5.30pm that activity will not be covered by our insurance and therefore will be at your own risk.
5.5 Traveling to and from activities is your responsibility and not covered by our insurance.
6.1 We will adhere to all government guidelines at the time of the course, see our FAQs.
6.2 If you develop Coronavirus symptoms while on a retreat, we will have rapid Covid-19 Antigen tests available. If your test is positive, you will be required to follow the current guidelines. It is important that you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical costs incurred due to Coronavirus, as all expenses for PCR testing, treatment or self-isolation will need to be covered by you. In addition, we are under no obligation to refund you for the course you've had to leave.

7. Payment: Payment for retreats are managed as either a single payments or as two (or more) stage payments.
7.1 Single stage payment - consists of one payment for the full agreed price of the retreat.
7.2 Two (or more) stage payments - consists of two payments for the full agreed price of the retreat. Typically an initial payment or deposit will be paid on booking followed by a secondary payment for the balance of the retreat.
7.3 Where a retreat is paid as a two stage payment, the remaining balance becomes automatically due 8 weeks before the start of the retreat unless otherwise stated. 
7.4 If you choose the Early Bird Discount rate option, full payment must be made 8 weeks before the start date unless otherwise stated. 

8. .Cancellations by you
8.1 Where a retreat has been paid for in full and the participant cancels, the following policy applies:
Cancellation date is more than 8 weeks before the start of the retreat: 50% of the amount paid will be retained as a non-refundable deposit. The remaining 50% will be refunded back to the card on which the payment was made.
​Cancellation is equal to or less than 8 weeks before the start of the retreat: The full booking becomes non-refundable as such 100% of the amount paid will be retained.
8.2 Where a retreat has been paid for in parts or a payment plan has been arranged and it has not yet been fully paid for and the participant cancels, the following policy applies:
Cancellation date is more than 8 weeks before the start of the retreat: The deposit (50% of the price of the retreat) will be retained and no further payment will be due.
Cancellation is equal to or less than 8 weeks before the start of the retreat: The remaining balance is due and you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.

9. Cancellations due to COVID lockdowns
If a national or local lockdown restricts our ability to run a course or activity which you are booked onto, we will offer you an alternative activity, date or a refund - which ever is relevant.

10. Cancellations by us
9.1 Whilst every reasonable attempt will be made to deliver courses, Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat reserves the right to cancel or modify the courses due to safety considerations, bad weather and other factors beyond our control. In this case we will offer you an alternative activity or the option of re-booking the intended activity for a new date, whichever is relevant.
9.2 If the course has to be cancelled before arrival we will automatically transfer your payment(s) to the retreat’s alternate dates which we will confirm in writing to you. If you are unable to attend the alternative retreat dates, you can use the credit to book onto a different course or we will refund you in full within 14 days. 
9.3 In exceptional circumstances if the course has to be cancelled after your arrival, we will deduct anything you've used or experienced ie activities, training, accommodation, food and refund the remaining balance. We strongly suggest taking out travel insurance to also cover the cancelled activities, your travel and off site accommodation where relevant. 

11. Customers with Disabilities
11.1 If you have a disability or medical condition please contact us to discuss your needs.
11.2 Although not all activities are suitable for all disabled participants, we will do our best to help by working with our instructors to assess your individual needs relative to the activities. 
11.3 We must also be informed of any medical conditions (asthma, epilepsy, deafness etc) any participant has.
11.4 Sadly, due to the age of the building the retreat is not wheelchair friendly. 
12. Session Locations
12.1 You are responsible for all transport to and from any activity. 
12.2 Session locations vary depending on which activities are booked, river levels and weather conditions. 
12.3 We will provide you with details of location when needed. 
13. Equipment and Clothing
13.1 For all water activities participants must bring a pair of old trainers or wet shoes and swimwear for under the wetsuit provided and a towel. 
13.2 Archery participants are advised to wear long sleeved tops.
13.3 We strongly advise comfy trainers or walking boots for activities where we’re walking is involved.
13.4 Damage or loss to any equipment caused by negligence, carelessness or malicious acts must be paid for at the time at current replacement value.

14. Smoking Policy
​14.1 There is no smoking allowed inside Bodlondeb Studio & Retreat. You can smoke outside with the consent of your group but cigarette butts must not be put on the ground. 
14.2 To protect the health of the activity providers and participants most of the activity providers we work with operate a No Smoking policy during all activities.
14.3 Smoking can cause damage to safety equipment  - any breach of this policy could result in a participant being charged for replacement equipment.
14.4 Concessions can be made and participants should speak to the instructor on the day.

15. Mailing List
When making a booking you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. These are available to view at anytime on our website. You will be automatically added to our mailing list to receive occasional offers and news. You can opt out from these emails anytime using the 'unsubscribe from this list' link at the bottom of the emails. 
16. Customer Care
Your comfort, happiness and experience is deeply important to us. If you have a great time please let us know, we love hearing people! 
On the other hand if there is something you feel we could improve on, please talk to us. We’re reliant on you to guide us to being as great as we know we can be.

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