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Barbara Houseman Studio North Wales Open Bifolds SUmmer

Actor Training with Both Feet

About Both Feet

Whilst Steph runs retreats for humans, her background is theatre and training actors so naturally Bodlondeb is a home to her actor training too. 

Each retreat is carefully and lovingly designed to give actors an intensive, powerful & unique way to drop the Meisner-based training into your body for a full, rich and embodied experience that you'll never forget to pack out that toolbox with tools for a happy, healthy and meaningful career. 

The acting process is a personal one so every class is tailored to each individual's needs whilst also catering for the dynamics of the group. You’ll explore what it means to get out of your own way, to trust that you are enough and enable you to have confidence in your own ability so you can be the instinctive and impulsive actor the industry wants to employ. 

If you're ready to be bold, courageous and present - jump now. You won't regret it. 

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