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Half Life poem by Khalil Gibran

by - Khalil Gibran

​Do not love half lovers

Do not entertain half friends

Do not live half a life

and do not die a half death

If you choose silence, then be silent

When you speak, do so until you are finished

Do not silence yourself to say something

And do not speak to be silent

If you accept, then express it bluntly

Do not mask it

If you refuse then be clear about it

for an ambiguous refusal is but a weak acceptance

Do not accept half a solution

Do not believe half truths

Do not dream half a dream

Do not fantasize about half hope

Half the way will get you no where

Half an idea will bear you no results

Half a life is a life you didn't live,

A word you have not said

A smile you postponed

A love you have not had

A friendship you did not know

The half is a mere moment of inability

But you are able for you are not half a being

You are a whole that exists to live a life

not half a life. 

So many of us are going through the motions of life. We don't know how to show up whole, how to live life fully, how to share honestly and openly. Being a human is complex. But it's simpler than you think it is, how we do this. 

If you're interested in exploring how, join us here in North Wales. It's beautiful here and many people have started their journey towards removing the armour and the fear so they can show up whole. 


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