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I am a Phone Addict

Last week I was in Scotland having some much needed down time with the boys ahead of Fox starting school. Even though my work emails were off, work still kept coming in. I was creeping off to the toilets to reply, snatching moments to sneak a peak. I didn't like it, I didn't want it. It was making my heart tight, my stomach flip and me impatient with the boys.

I wanted and needed to be away from everything other than what was here, really here, in flesh and blood, in the air.

So after some tears from the guilt and stress of the work magnet I turned it off and put it in a drawer.

                                Yep, I turned my phone off and put it in a drawer.

I checked it once a day for the rest of the holiday, 10mins max. I used my camera instead of my phone so I didn't miss capturing moments I wanted to store.

It was powerful.

              A weight lifted.

                            It was easier to chat, to laugh, to watch, to smell, to stretch, to play, to notice, to listen, really listen. 

I've been really ill from food poisoning this week and I didn't put my phone into the drawer, I wish I had. I've not had chance to recover so now I'm getting migraines. 

In my work with people we feel our way through space, what it is to notice space, breathe in space, hold space, have more space. 

I definitely need to build in new ways to have space from my phone, from the demands of work. 

I'll let you know when I've got a plan.

Step 1 is to take Whatsapp off the websites, you'll be ok without it, won't you?


FYI A friend (you'll find her down the road at The Forge!) just used the phrase "phone hygiene" and I thought I'd pinch it, thanks Sheena!


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