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Anticipation of a Shared Healing

These words below were too beautiful not to be shared.

​They were written by Lesley Hood, before arriving to the Mastering Me Retreat in April 2023.

"In Welsh countryside, spring lambs come to mind, pouncing across fresh grass in a moderate breeze. Even those stiff baby curls, catching the wind and little legs digging in, bracing the energy force of nature. 

I see many walls. Not the manufactured kind, the ones made of rock and stone, weathered by many many years. These walls put together by the strong hands of the hills, made of blood, sweat and tiny tears. Tears dried by the blasts of Welsh weather or conversely, concealed by it.

In amongst this scene, I see an old cottage with a modern interior, extended with floor to ceiling glass. This is the healing space. Here there is laughter, nervous jolts of bodies meeting in new and unveiling circumstances....what will be uncovered? Will it be vanity, courage, sadness or fear? Any number of emotions. How deep will we go, how deep will we be held? Will there be any issues between these souls meant for healing.

I look forward to cleansing in the freezing Welsh waters and making more time for myself. I may leave wanting for this time back. Take it all in, digest, cherish the moment. You're here to connect and just be. Be seen as the light that you are, be heard for the voice that you speak and be held in the body of your physical existence. Let's go.

This is what I wrote before going to Bodlondeb and thought I'd share it again for Steph.

​I believe you ticked all the boxes 🙌😌⭐"


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