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Shakti Acupressure Mat

Filled with Blissfoam™ — the latest in tension relief 

***** 1452 reviews


  • Rediscover deep sleep
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Relax every tense muscle
  • Unlock decompression and deep relaxation
  • Assist circulation to wash away tension
  • Reset a restless mind
  • An ongoing sense of wellbeing


Effectively target deep tissue stress and melt away muscle tension with the world’s best acupressure mat. Level 1 is the best way to discover what Shakti is all about.


Expect initial discomfort followed by deep relaxation.


Made with plant-based Blissfoam™ for a new level of luxury.

74cm Length | 40cm Width | 2cm Height


1,000 massages for the price of one

Ongoing self-care without the ongoing price. The Shakti Mat is your one purchase, wellness tool, ready any hour of the day. Endless massages packaged up in one Shakti Mat.


Organic cotton outer

We care about what comes in contact with your skin. The cotton we use is GOTS-certified, responsibly dyed and stitched by hand in our factories. No unnecessary chemicals and zero compromises. We’re not comfortable with anything else.


Signature Shakti spikes

Shakti spikes are the sharpest so you can get to the point fast. They’re developed to activate your acupoints quicker and release the deepest tension in minutes. Nothing else comes close.


5 year warranty

We’re committed to handcrafting acupressure products that support your wellbeing for years to come. If you experience a fault in the craftsmanship or materials we'll fix or replace it for free.


Free expert guidance with the Shakti app

The world's first acupressure mat app. Get the skills and guidance you need to make the Shakti work for you. Overcome beginner barriers and get the Shakti benefits faster.

Shakti mat & pillow - Level 1

£118.00 Regular Price
£88.00Sale Price
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